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Pediatric Chiropractor in Rapid City

Rapid City Pediatric chiropractic care

Dr. Trevor sees many infants the day they are born.

Dr. Trevor is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) as an expert in helping our youngest patients stay well through chiropractic care.

You don’t need to wait until your child is a certain age to benefit from care. Dr. Trevor sees many infants the day they’re born to check the effects of the labor and delivery process on your baby. We use the gentlest touch and unique techniques that are appropriate for our youngest patients.

Your Child’s Visit

When you and your child come in for their first visit with us, we’ll do a thorough examination to find out how we can help. They’ll be given a scan using our subluxation station. This will show if there’s nerve interference that could be holding them back from growth and development or causing them problems. We’ll also do some testing to make sure your child isn’t affected by allergies or parasites.

The Importance of the Nervous System

Pediatric Chiropracitc

Gentle and unique care for children.

This holistic overview of their health and history will help us ensure your child’s nervous system is operating at its highest potential. The nervous system is the control center for the entire body, so making sure that it’s operating without interference will ensure your child is at optimal health.

Techniques for Children

Dr. Trevor’s care for children is gentle and unique, involving several different approaches from:

We want to help your whole family be their healthiest, and Dr. Trevor is an expert in caring for children. Call today! Torch Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

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